Aligning People

And Process

Acquisitions are very emotional – even though they appear to be data driven – in reality they are very much people driven. That is why we put all of our effort into not only laying out a process but also ensuring that people are enabled and excited to follow it.

Whether you just need Jen, or you need her extended team of experts, we are all committed to bringing rigor to every engagement while putting people first. And though we know what works, we also know that flexibility is always part of any successful integration.

We always align to best practices, but we also adapt our process to fit the personality and perspectives of your organization – meaning your integration is customized, curated and communicated in the best possible way for your business and your people.

That being said, Mapkey upholds a consistent, comprehensive four-phased approach of understanding, planning, executing, and reflecting to ensure that value drivers of the deal are intentionally protected – it is codified in the process. Establishing this level of governance without a cumbersome administrative burden sets the tone for success.

Since it is on the front lines where all the mistakes happen, we gather intelligence from those in the trenches (they know how to avoid the landmines) and we distill that wisdom into actionable outcomes.

Through this proven methodology, we take integration from chaos to control as we work alongside you to align your teams, create direction, and navigate the journey from today to tomorrow.