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Chief Operating Officer Cushman & Wakefield

Jennifer has been successful in managing a number of different organic growth and M&A projects for Cushman & Wakefield, and her sense of dedication, responsibility and trustworthiness have earned her the respect of all she has come into contact with.


Chief Operating Officer THERAPY BRANDS

Jennifer delivers results. She has extensive knowledge of M&A integration best practices and uses them to drive acquisition integrations of various sizes to completion and often in an accelerated and compressed timeframe.

She adapts quickly to changes in business needs and is recognized as the go-to person to get things done. Her focus on continuous improvement helped us to refine the methodology for future integrations.


Head Of Global Sales ORCHESRT8

Jennifer is extraordinarily competent. Unfazed by challenges others would decline for fear of failure, Jennifer simply delivers.

Empathic and intellectual, Jennifer astutely assesses, identifying deficiency and strength fortifying areas of weakness while amplifying an organizations most valuable competencies. I continue to be impressed by Jennifer’s unwavering ability to get things done.


Chief Executive Officer CONARC

Apart from her innate ability to connect with people, Jennifer also deftly handled the integration of FMSI into Kronos. She impressed me with her ability to make the acquisition less scary for our long term employees.

Our team immediately saw Jennifer as the kind of person that could help them navigate this much larger organization. She made sure all timelines were met, she navigated sticky situations with ease, and she made the process fun.


Chief Executive Officer EXIT ADVISORY GROUP

Jennifer’s unique background and blend of technical ability, strategic acumen, sense of humor and care for others sets her apart. It is clear that she recognizes the value and power of relationships and does a great job at fostering and maintaining them.

I am sure that she is not immune to fear, but she does not seem to let it stop her from achieving her goals. She always finds a way to move forward and supports those around her to do the same.


Head Of Corporate Development CIVICPLUS

Jennifer partnered with us to lead our integration team on a recent acquisition. She is extremely knowledgeable in all things related to post-merger integration as well as project management.

Jennifer was instrumental in helping us achieve one of the smoothest PMI I have experienced during my whole career! Jennifer has a quiet, but firm leadership style, one that people love to listen to, and follow. Without much fanfare, Jennifer delivered excellent business outcome.


Vice President of M&A KRONOS

Jennifer brings passion and energy to her role leading acquisition integrations. She is able to engage on a personal level while managing a broader agenda and communicates effectively with individuals at all levels.

She is a strategic thinker and a collaborative problem-solver. She is able to leverage individual talents in order to allow an entire team to reach its full potential.



With any integration there is a great sense of uncertainty. Jennifer was the calm at the center of the storm. She focused not only on the challenge at hand, but also knew that it was just as important to care for the team so that we could complete our integration successfully.

I appreciated her ability to put process in place without over-engineering it, to check with us for feedback and get the alignment needed, all the while keeping it simple. She was the first one to roll up her sleeves when a job needed to get done and it was this type of “in the trenches” collaboration that allowed us all to complete the integration successfully. We all knew we could count on her.


Vice President M&A WORKSOFT

While I was at Ignite Technologies, Jennifer and I worked together on multiple acquisitions. In each of these acquisitions she marshaled the diligence process, worked across the organization to surface risks and issues, and skillfully hand-held us to develop the integration plans.

Not only is she whip-smart, Jennifer operates with great common sense and clear, tell-it-like-it-is communication. Her integrity, drive and leadership were keys to our success.


Chief Operating Officer DIGITAL INSTINCT

Jennifer has been an integral driver behind the success of the integration of Digital Instinct into Kronos. Jennifer is an excellent communicator with high level organisational ability.

Jennifer is able to bring together people with disparate points of view and their own objectives into cross-functional teams that ultimately pull together to drive the acquisition integration forward. Jennifer leads in a calm and focused manner that inspires confidence amongst her peers.


Vice President DATAMATICS

Jennifer is the consummate professional. In dealing with her in our integration into the Kronos family I have found her to be organized, insightful and a person who follows through and closes the loop on all matters.

Her overall business knowledge has been a tremendous asset to us and I’m confident that our success since our acquisition has been complimented by the time and effort she has put forth in helping us to establish a good foundation to build upon.


Chief Executive Officer CDB ADVISORY SERVICES

It’s rare that you come across a talent like Jennifer. Excellence and professionalism are phrases that come to mind. She is dynamic. I was particularly impressed by her ability to effortlessly handle even the toughest personalities.

That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Jennifer is highly energetic and passionate; you would do well to solicit her services. She is also a world-class human being.


Partner UI PATH

Jennifer has a talent for seeking win-win approaches, and she guides each team member to look for, recognize and seize upon opportunities to make improvements that help all stakeholders.

As a result of demonstrating such strong commitment to each individual, Jennifer earns a high level of trust and loyalty from her colleagues and they respond to her with a willingness to do the most they can to serve the department, the company and the customer.


Attorney KRONOS

Jennifer is not only a hard worker and super talented, but she’s wonderful to be around. During the my time working with her, it was clear that she is dedicated to doing her job and doing it well. She always puts the people she worked with first and is approachable and honest.

I could count on her valuable insight and thoroughness to ensure all loose ends were tied up. As a leader, she is a good communicator, reliable, and well spoken. She’s great person to work with and now a friend too!

Walter Leicher

Executive Managing Director CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD

Jennifer’s ability to see the bigger picture and to understand key objectives and priorities with simplicity and clarity make her a great asset to any team. During the time she was working with my team she had very large diverse deliverables and data points that needed managing and, somehow, they all got done on time.

She is able to mobilize teams who are already stretched but to give clear warnings when key deliverables will impact other, competing priorities. I will revel at the opportunity to hire Jennifer again.


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